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Ergonomics in Mobile and Special Care Dentistry

Ergonomics in Mobile and Special Care Dentistry

Instructions for CE: 1.0 Hour  AGD-PACE
  • Rent the video. It is $25 for 24 hour rental.

  • Take the test on the COMPUTER- exam can't be taken on phone

  • Click on the Elevate logo for your exam- A fillable PDF will open.

  • Fill out the PDF in full. 

  • Save with your changes. 

  • Email the PDF to the email address on the exam. 

  • Elevate will grade the exam and email you your certificate of completion.


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Featuring: Trish Howard, DPT, CCVT, GTS

Dr. Howard earned her doctorate in physical therapy from Loma Linda University. She also has her Vestibular Certification, Graston Certification, and has been trained in dry needling.  Dr. Howard is a co-owner of Primary Therapy Source in Twin Falls, Idaho. She has provided physical therapy services for adults and children for over 10 years and has provided services in a variety of settings including but not limited to: long-term care facilities, group homes, schools, and her offices. She shares many patients with Dr. Brooke and is familiar with the ergonomic challenges we face in Special Care Dentistry.  Dr. Howard has also treated multiple dental providers for work related injury.  She has helped our team considerably and we want to share her knowledge with you!

Course Summary

Ergonomics in Special Care and Mobile Dentistry is particularly challenging. In our world, we can't always put the patient in an ideal position. Many providers say that this is one of the most difficult aspects of what we do.


So let's make it better.  We asked Dr. Trish Howard what she does to keep her body healthy while she faces similar challenges, and how we can apply her knowledge to our unique situations. 

The course begins with the basics. Then it moves into trouble shooting various situations where our team has ergonomic challenges, such as treating patients in a recliner or a bed.   Dr. Howard goes through these scenarios and applies ergonomic principals to help us improve. This course will allow you to join us as she trains us to overcome even the most awkward situations.


The last portion of the course utilizes a live model to teach us proper stretching techniques so that we can be flexible enough to get into some of these challenging positions while minimizing injury.  Feel free to start a good habit and stretch with us during this segment.


 So take this course at your desk, on your yoga mat... or why not... half and half? That's what we did!

*This video was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, so in order to minimize risk, our "patient examples"  utilize some of Dr. Brooke's favorite Halloween decorations.

Learning Objectives
  1.  Learn how flexibility in different muscles can help accommodate the awkward physical positions we find ourselves in in mobile and special care. 

  2. Learn stretches to help improve the flexibility of those muscles 

  3. Learn basic ergonomic principles and how they can be applied to not so basic situations and positions

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