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We have learned things along the way, and we want to share. We have partnered with various individuals and entities to bring you info-packed courses with personal touch. All courses are based on our clinical experiences and/or patients' lives. We do not claim to be experts teaching you, but rather friends sharing experiences and our "homework".  We hope you enjoy our courses. 

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Ergonomics in Mobile and Special Care Dentistry

Dr. Trish Howard, a physical therapist  who treats a wide variety of patients helps our team trouble shoot ergonomic challenges we face while providing mobile and special care dentistry. She guides us through various situations and teaches us basic principles to apply to any situation.  We conclude stretching together focusing on muscles that Dr. Howard thinks are especially important for what we do. 

Run Time: 58 minutes

Learning Objectives: 

  • Learn basic ergonomic principles and how they can be applied to not so basic situations and positions. 

  • Learn how flexibility in different muscles can help accommodate the awkward physical positions we find ourselves in when providing mobile and Special Care. 

  • Learn stretches to help improve flexibility of those muscles

$25 - 1 AGD PACE Credit

Prader Willi Syndrome: A Brief Look

Dr. Brooke will go through the basics of Prader Willi Syndrome: etiology, common traits, and medical/dental considerations. Then it will get a little more personal as she interviews two of our wonderful patients who have Prader Willi Syndrome. She will join them in their homes with their families.  While all people are unique and individual patient needs will vary,  getting to know these wonderful people and learning the basics may provide insight to help providers deliver quality care. 

Half of profits from this course will be split  between featured patients to compensate them for sharing their stories with us. 



Learning Objectives: 

  • The learner will understand the genetic changes that occur in people who have Prader Willi Syndrome

  • The learner will be exposed examples of dietary and behavioral challenges people who have Prader Willi Syndrome may face.

  • The learner will understand basic dental and anesthesia considerations for people who have  Prader Willi Syndrome 

  • The learner will "meet" two wonderful people who have Prader Willi Syndrome. 

$25 - 1 AGD PACE Credit

Improving the quality of life for adults who have special needs and geriatric patients who have limited mobility through  improved oral health

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