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Our Reference Documents
Jingjing's OHI Packet
Assisted Oral Hygiene Infection Control
Assisted Oral Hygiene Infection Control During an illness oubreak
Jingjing's Dental Terminology Training Sheet
Portable Dentistry Infection Control
Teledent Tooth Chart
Cool Tools and Where to Get them
YSS Oral Hygiene Ability Spectrum Sheets


Motivation Needed

Limited Assistance  Needed Cooperative

Limited Assistance  Needed Semi-  Cooperative

Dependent Cooperative

Dependent  Semi Cooperative

Dependent Non  Cooperative

Physical Obstacles 

Program Overview

Dr. Brooke's Published Articles
Decisions in Dentistry - SDF
0218_cover-1 Decisions in Dentistry.jpg
Dimensions in Hygiene - SDF
Dimentions in Dental Hygiene.jpg
ISDA Risk Based Care 
Guided Oral Hygiene and Assisted Oral Hygiene
Dentistry IQ.png
Course Handouts (Added 2021)

Our apologies if you were looking for a handout from a course done before March 2021. This is when started housing our handouts on our website. For past course handouts contact the past conference or course organizers.  Also for those of you who attended SmileCon 2021 the instrument list is under the NMDC conference. There is no hand out for Wonderful World of Special Care... which is our most frequent course. This because it is a simulation course and ... Spoiler Alert... a handout would ruin the surprises. For that course you have to be there to experience it.  Thank you for attending our courses.  We hope they were helpful for you. 

2021 NMDC and SmileCon Special Care Handout
2021 SCDA Handout
2021 NNOHA Handout
2022 Oregon Dental Conference 
University of Pittsburgh School of Dentistry 2022
Penn School of Dental Medicine 2021
DSD Conference 2021
UNC Adams School of Dentistry 2021
AADMD 2022
UT Houston 2022
SCDA 2022
NMDC 2022
Rhode Island 2022
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