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Your Special Smiles PLLC is happy to host some basic information for the Special Care Dentists of Idaho to make it more accessible for all  as their website is being developed. The Special Care Dentists of Idaho are a wonderful group that we are happy to help in any way that we can.  They exist for the sole purpose of advancing oral health for people who have special healthcare needs.  Web presence is important  for any group so Your Special Smiles PLLC has agreed to host a landing page for them so they will have a small online presence as their page is in development. 

Special Care Dentists of Idaho

"Improving the quality of life for vulnerable populations through oral health access and education"

Special care dentist of idaho logo green.jpg
Current Leadership: 2021-2022 

President: Dr. Stephenie Dickie

Vice President: Dr. Kaci Jensen

Secretary: Dr. Stephenie Dickie and Dr. Kaci Jensen

2017-2022: Dr. Brooke Fukuoka


Past Presidents: 
For Bylaws Click Here
Special Care Dentists of Idaho Papers and Position Statements
  • 10 Things Medicaid Can Do to Improve Access to Care for Adults Who Have Special Healthcare Needs 2018

  • New Document

Special Care Dentists of Idaho Continuing Education Courses
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