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FREE:  Teledentistry Videos
Definitions and Uses

This is a brief overview of teledentistry and how it can be used in various practice settings. 

How WE Use Teledentistry

This is an overview of our program, how and why we incorporated  teledentistry. 

Synchronous vs Asynchronous 

Why each have value, with examples of synchronous gone wrong. Initially similar to definitions and uses, but then dives deeper.

Toothies- Selfies for your teeth
Extraoral Photo Tips
Intraoral Video Tips

Find our handout on our documents and handouts page under the education tab. This helps patients take better photos of their teeth from home. 

Photo tips for every day dentistry. These are not tips for ortho or esthetics cases, but rather tips for every day data gathering in a general practice with patients who may or may not be completely cooperative. 

Basic Video tips for capturing intraoral videos. Advice from our team members and examples. 

FREE:  Guided Oral Hygiene and Assisted Oral Hygiene Videos 
Generic Guided & Assisted Oral Hygiene

This is a generic video that quickly explains Guided Oral Hygiene and Assisted Oral Hygiene. It was made for the Idaho Oral Health Summit 

Guided & Assisted Oral Hygiene
GOH and Remote SDF Workflows

Guided Oral Hygiene and Assisted Oral Hygiene  are terms that were coined in collaboration with Idaho State University Dental Hygiene Faculty, The Idaho Oral Health Program, and Dr. Paul Glassman. 

At the NMDC 2021 Dr. Brooke Talks about workflows to utilize guided oral hygiene and the remote application of SDF. 

FREE: Silver Diamine Fluoride Videos 
A Basic Overview of SDF

Just the basics. This simple video reviews Silver Diamine Fluoride and its use in treating oral disease. 

FREE:  Advice from Patients and Caregivers
Advice for Successful Dental Visit

Just the basics. This simple video reviews Silver Diamine Fluoride and its use in treating oral disease. 

Advice for Home Hygiene

Just the basics. This simple video reviews Silver Diamine Fluoride and its use in treating oral disease. 

From the Patient's Perspective

Two dental patients share their stories. Mr. Murray is our patient, while Ms. Degree we met through a mutual friend. 

FREE:  Team Training Videos
Hygiene Student Training Video
Caregiver Training for Guided Oral Hygiene 

This is the first step of training for our Regular Oral Hygiene Assistant. After watching this they will have hands on training, then 10 hours of supervision

This video is for the caregivers at the long term care facilities. This is their training for our Guided Oral Hygiene Program. 

Caregiver Training Video for  SDF

MAKE SURE THIS IS LEGAL IN YOUR STATE BEFORE IMPLEMENTING ANYTHING SIMILAR. This is a video providing a brief overview  of SDF for partnering caregivers. We require all caregivers who apply SDF to watch this video, take a written exam, take an in person competency and only apply under synchronous teledental supervision. 

FREE: Special Care Short Clips and Tips
Savanna Discusses Aspiration
Mariana Discusses Projectiles
Mariana Discusses Toothbrush Petting Zoo

Some patients are at higher risk for aspiration. When brushing someone else's teeth this is important to be able to assess and minimize the risk of aspiration. Here are some tips from Savanna on how she did this as our regular oral hygiene assistant. 

Mariana's knowledge on projectiles helped us develop our safety protocols for the transport of instruments. We are so thankful for her! 

A toothbrush petting zoo is a fun and interactive way patients can play a more active role in their oral health by selecting their toothbrush from a wide array of different textures, colors and designs. Anyone can design a toothbrush petting zoo! Get a group together and try it out. 

Alicia's Mask Fitting Demo

During the pandemic we learned a lot about masks and airflow. Alicia showed us a trick to minimize airflow through the sides of the masks. 

Ivy's highlights  pH, diet and dry mouth

Ivy talks with caregivers at Creekside care. These are some highlights of her presentation. She provided  a great course

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