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Definitions and Uses

This is a brief overview of teledentistry and how it can be used in various practice settings. 

How WE Use Teledentistry

This is an overview of our program, how and why we incorporated  teledentistry. 

Synchronous vs Asynchronous 

Why each have value, with examples of synchronous gone wrong. Initially similar to definitions and uses, but then dives deeper.

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Guided and Assisted Oral Hygiene

This is a brief overview of teledentistry and how it can be used in various practice settings. 

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Regular Oral Hygiene Assistant

This is the first step of training for our Regular Oral Hygiene Assistant. After watching this they will have hands on training, then 10 hours of supervision

Caregiver Training for Guided Oral Hygiene 

This video is for the caregivers at the long term care facilities. This is their training for our Guided Oral Hygiene Program. 

Caregiver Training Video for  SDF

MAKE SURE THIS IS LEGAL IN YOUR STATE BEFORE IMPLEMENTING ANYTHING SIMILAR. This is a video providing a brief overview  of SDF for partnering caregivers. We require all caregivers who apply SDF to watch this video, take a written exam, take an in person competency and only apply under synchronous teledental supervision. 

FREE: Special Care Short Clips and Tips
Savanna Discusses Aspiration

Some patients are at higher risk for aspiration. When brushing someone else's teeth this is important to be able to assess and minimize the risk of aspiration. Here are some tips from Savanna on how she did this as our regular oral hygiene assistant. 

Mariana Discusses Projectiles

Mariana's knowledge on projectiles helped us develop our safety protocols for the transport of instruments. We are so thankful for her! 

Improving the quality of life for adults who have special needs and geriatric patients who have limited mobility through  improved oral health

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