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 Hospital Dentistry

Our hospital program was the very first program we started. Founded in 2015 by Dr. Brooke our goal was that patients in South Central Idaho would not have to wait months and travel to Boise or Salt Lake City for dentistry under general anesthesia. Dr. Dave Seegmiller and Dr. Dave McClusky, Ms. Amber Veenstra, and Ms. Dawn Soto were instrumental for these initial steps. 


Through a partnership with the St. Luke’s Magic Valley Health Foundation,  we have been able to raise over $35,000 to provide St. Luke's Jerome and St. Luke's Magic Valley with instruments needed to regularly treat adults dental needs under general anesthesia.


Some of our first major donors were: The Twin Falls Health Initiative Trust, Idaho Power, Walmart, Idaho Dental Foundation, Glanbia, Worst, Fitzgerald and Stover, Small Horse, the College of Southern Idaho, and Rotary Clubs. There were also other generous private donors. 

Your Special Smiles PLLC has quickly evolved to offer a more comprehensive health program through partnering with various physicians and specialists. Drs. Dave McClusky, Josh Kern, Nicole Ruske, and Catherine Doyle have all been very helpful in regularly integrating medical services into our cases. Our primary medical partners are currently Dr. Dave McClusky and Dr. Nicole Ruske.  

Some of our favorite concurrent services have been: baclofen pump placement, ear cleanings, eye exams, skin biopsies, hemorrhoid banding, pap smear, toenail removal, IUD placement, and blood draws. 

If you feel that your loved one would benefit from our hospital program Click the Button below to learn the process to become a hospital patient. 

 Portable Dentistry

Your Special Smiles PLLC started a portable clinic in 2018 to serve patients living in long-term care and group homes. 


This expansion was done with the help of: Dr. Richard Bailey, the CSI Small Business Development Center, the Idaho Dental Foundation, a loan from First Federal Bank, and generous private donors.

This clinic was set out to break down two significant barriers to care for this population.

  • Limited mobility can make transport to the dental office difficult and stressful, leading to less successful appointments. 

  • Some patients are intimidated by the traditional dental office  environment leading to less successful appointments. 

By bringing services to the patients, we decreased the stress of transport as well as changed the setting to less intimidating. We saw increased cooperation and considered this a success.


At this point Dr. Brooke, Mariana Placencia RDA, and Vanda Johnson retired RDH turned RDA were our portable team. We offered exams, cleanings, fillings, SDF, and fluoride varnish. 

In 2019 Your Special Smiles PLLC was awarded a HRSA Sub-Grant from the Department of Health and Welfare Division of Public Health. This enabled us to purchase equipment and hire two expanded access dental hygienists to provide portable hygiene services and gather teledental information. Holly Jones RDH-EA and Jingjing Qian RDH-EA joined our team.  They chose our equipment and built our hygiene program. 

Currently we are at capacity with this program. We are working with Creekside Care Center in Jerome (Assisted Living) ,  Desano Place (Assisted Living and Memory Care) in Jerome,  and Communicare (ICF-IDD).  We occasionally take call for Cedar Draw (Assisted Living) and Clearwater Care Center (ICF-IDD)

Before the pandemic our wonderful hygienists would go out to the facilities at least every 6 months and provide hygiene services such as professional cleanings, application of fluoride varnish, application of SDF, taking radiographs and gathering photos and videos for teledental exams.   Dr. Brooke would then review the information the hygienists gathered and decide if she needed to go out to the home, and what she would need to bring. 

We are excited to get back in there and we anticipate this will be soon!

Assisted Oral Hygiene/Guided Oral Hygiene

After spending considerable time in various facilities, we realized that one of the biggest problems with oral health was the struggle for adequate daily oral hygiene. We met a wide variety of caregivers, who all seemed to have one thing in common, they were BUSY. 


These caregivers work very hard to meet the needs of the residents, yet when we see the resident in the dentist office we often are guilty of unfairly blaming them  for the resident's poor oral condition. We then though, what if we stepped in and provided oral hygiene services? What if our assistant could go in multiple times per week and help with oral hygiene? 


We acted on that and in 2019 we hired our first Oral Hygiene Assistant, Ms. Savanna Hendren who was a hygiene student at CSI at the time. We trained her with PowerPoint and video,  then Dr. Brooke went out with her to see all the residents who were participating in this pilot program.  After she completed 10 hours of direct supervision, and Dr. Brooke felt comfortable with her abilities, she was given a written exam. She was then able to go out and help the pilot program participants without Dr. Brooke.  

Savanna was brushing, flossing, using proxy brushes, and applying Rx toothpaste to the teeth.  She had no professional tools or equipment, she simply helped the patients use their own home hygiene products.  She used a documentation system that Dr. Brooke developed in 2015 called the Your Special Smiles Oral Hygiene Ability Spectrum, which acknowledges that all residents may need different levels of help and encourages independence when possible.  


Savanna was a leader in developing this program. She formed relationships with the residents, helped edit our documentation,  and she made a huge difference in the residents oral health.

When the pandemic hit, our facilities went on lockdown. We were not able to continue providing this service, but the results that we had seen were so great, we did not want to abandon it. We had to pivot and we did. We needed someone on the inside and we decided to work with off-the-clock caregivers.  Our first three caregivers were Sandra, Javier, and Carolina from Creekside Care Center.   The problem was training. How could we provide training, when we could not see the patients? The answer was teledentistry. 

Jingjing Qian RDH, EA took the lead on this. She helped us design our Guided Oral Hygiene program and she trained the caregivers using teledental technology during the cleaning sessions. Jingjing would watch while the caregiver would clean the resident's teeth, then they would use the intraoral camera to see if any spots were missed. Jingjing then made suggestions on how to best to get the areas missed. 

As the pandemic progressed Ms. Carolina Lopez CNA took a leadership role in this program and works with Jingjing three hours per week to provide these services to the residents participating in the pilot.  Jingjing won a national award for her work in this program. Once successful, we spread the program to DeSano Place. 

Ms. Alicia McMurtry,  a student in the CSI hygiene program was trained by Dr. Brooke and Jingjing both in Assisted Oral Hygiene and Guided Oral Hygiene. She learned quickly and partnered with Ms. Maria Santana CNA, who is an excellent caregiver at Desano Place.  They are almost finished with their virtual training with Dr. Brooke, Alicia passed her written exam with flying colors, and Alicia and Maria will soon be providing Guided Oral Hygiene regularly. 

For this program we are also working with the Idaho State University Hygiene Program who is conducting a similar program in Eastern Idaho.  This program is also supported by the grant mentioned in the previous section. 

In The Media


KMVT 11 Fit and Well Moment Sponsored by St. Luke's

May 18, 2018

Dr. Brooke discusses our Hospital Program

Screenshot of Dr. Brooke on KMVT

Idaho News Channel 6: Wellness Wednesday: COVID-19 and Dental Care

December 16,2020

Dr. Brooke discusses masks and oral health 

KTVB 7 Interview with Brian Holmes

August 1, 2019

Dr. Brooke discusses our mobile clinic

Dr. Brooke and anchor in KTVB Studio
Screenshot of Dr. Brooke and Idaho News Chanel 6 anchor

Podcasts and Radio:

NPR Boise State Public Radio "Idaho Matters" with Gemma Gaudette
December 17, 2019
Dr. Brooke talks about our program and tips for finding a dentist for your loved ones who have special needs
Dr. Brooke and Gemma Gaudette in NPR Studio using headphones and microphone.

Dentistry Gone Wild: Teledentistry, Mobile Dentistry, Special Needs Care, and Guided Oral Hygiene

January 11, 2021

Dr. Brooke and Holly talk about working with patients who have special needs and our Guided Oral Hygiene Program

Advertisement for Dentistry Gone Wild Featuring Dr. Brooke.


Hospital Dentistry


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Portable Dentistry


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"Dr. Brooke"

Dentist & Founder

Click PDF icon above for CV

Dr. Brooke developed a passion for public health and increasing access for the underserved while studying dentistry at the University of Louisville, where she spent significant time working in volunteer mobile and public health clinics. Prior to graduating, an externship with Dr. Henry Hood at the Lee Specialty Clinic cemented Dr. Brooke’s desire to work with adults who have special needs. Dr. Brooke furthered her education in hospital-based dentistry by completing a one-year General Practice Residency at University Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.


After completing her residency, Dr. Brooke moved to the remote town of Vanceburg, Kentucky, where as an associate dentist she provided care to all patients, including underserved patients in the local jail and Amish communities. Dr. John O’Cull, with whom Dr. Brooke practiced, became an influential mentor, encouraging her to pursue her unique passions in dentistry.


In 2014, Dr. Brooke returned to her home state of Idaho, after her husband, Hiroshi Fukuoka, accepted a position as Band Director for the local school district. As a dentist with a Federally Qualified Health Center in south central Idaho, Dr. Brooke saw firsthand how adults with disabilities and geriatric patients struggled with limited access to care. In 2015, she founded Your Special Smiles PLLC to address these issues.


In addition to providing clinical dentistry, Dr. Brooke is also a tireless advocate and educator, who believes that adults who have special needs and geriatric patients with limited mobility are the most underserved populations in America. She is active in many local and national organizations advocating for change, including the American Dental Association, The Special Care Dentistry Association, The American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry, American Mobile and Teledentistry Alliance, and the Special Care Dentists of Idaho, of which she a co-founder and current president. Alongside her work in advocacy and education, Dr. Brooke also volunteers her time, serving as Dental Director for Special Olympics Idaho.


When not practicing dentistry or advocating for the underserved, Dr. Brooke enjoys fishing, golfing, playing board games, and snowmobiling with her family. She and her husband, Hiroshi, live in Jerome, Idaho, with their four turtles, Pokey, Vanette (who you can see featured in some of her SDF courses) Rhody, and Steven.

ADA Features

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Winner of 2021 Denobi Award

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"You're a good doctor, Dr. Brooke, because you helped me a lot with my teeth."

- Sasha Hardman 

"I can't say enough about ... Dr. Brooke — how well he was treated ... they made him so comfortable." - Lita Summers & Cynthia Rodriguez

“Mom, can I work here? [at Your Special Smiles]” - John Murray



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Pricing for medical records will not exceed the cost to print the records and employee time spent assembling and printing the records, and shipping of the records.  Pricing will vary based on how many pages need printing and if requested in color. Color printing will cost $1.00/single side and black and white will cost $0.15 per single side.  If shipping is requested shipping will be charged to the patient. If patient would like on a jump drive or CD we will include the cost of the jump drive or disk. We are not able to use patient's memory cards/disks for security puroses. Records can be sent to a secure email with proper permission for only nominal cost.