Short Video Clips

Teledentistry Videos

Teledentistry Overview

Produced in 2020: This video Reviews Teledentistry Definitions, Gathering Data, Clinical Scenarios where teledentistry is used, and tips for a long distance limited exam. 


Our Program Before and During the Pandemic

Produced in 2020: This video introduces our program and how we evolved from a hospital only program into a program that offers portable hygiene services and teledentistry as well. We also talk about how we adapted to the pandemic.  We have patients and team member testimonials in this video as well. 


Synchronous vs Asynchronous

Produced in 2020: This video talks about the difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous teledentistry. Each have value. There is a funny example of synchronous gone wrong near the end. It has some similar shots as our other videos. During production something made the quality of the video lower. This can only be viewed well on a small screen

Toothies- Selfies for your teeth

Produced 2021: This video is a short segment of a course that Dr. Brooke gave at the NMTC where she explains what "Toothies" is. The actual "Toothies" document can be found as a handout on the page Dr. Brooke the Speaker


Special Care Extraoral Photo Tips

Produced in 2022: Photo tips for every day dentistry. These are not tips for ortho or esthetics cases, but rather tips for every day data gathering in a general practice with patients who may or may not be completely cooperative.  It starts out with tips for a cooperative patient and evolves into tips for patients who are not as cooperative. Photography is is a great way to push Pause. We now use the Comfort Soft Soft tissue retractor and it is easier. That is a newer product and when this video was produced that was not available. 


Special Care Intraoral Video Tips

Produced 2022: This video has basic tips for capturing intraoral videos. We go over examples of common errors and then highlight advice from our team members who do this more regularly and examples.

Guided Oral Hygiene & Assisted Oral Hygiene Videos

AOH/GOH/Portable Hygiene Need and Workflows

Produced 2021: This video talks about the challenges that exist for adults who are unable to perform their own oral home hygiene and how Assisted Oral Hygiene and Guided Oral Hygiene are possible solutions.  It also goes through our specific workflow we use for this service.  This video also talks about portable hygiene services and the benefits of having a portable hygienist. 


Generic AOH/GOH Video To Explain Concept

Produced 2022:  This is a generic video that quickly explains Guided Oral Hygiene and Assisted Oral Hygiene. It was made for the Idaho Oral Health Summit. This video looks at guided oral hygiene and assisted oral hygiene as concepts and doesn't give specific details. 

Workflows for GOH and Remote Applied SDF

Produced 2021: At the NMDC 2021 Dr. Brooke Talks about workflows to utilize guided oral hygiene and the remote application of SDF. Very quick video goes over the basic steps. 

Old Training Video for AOH/Provider

Produced in 2020: This was one of our initial training videos for our Assisted Oral Hygiene providers. This was when we called it "Regular Oral Hygiene". This video is a little outdated as our technology and terminology has evolved.  

Old Training Video for GOH

Produced in 2020: This was our very first training video for Guided Oral Hygiene. We produced it during COVID-19.  This is also outdated in terminology an technology.  It is great for historical reference and shows how we have grown. 


AOH/GOH/ Cool Tools and YSS Ability Spectrum

Produced in 2021: This was a course Dr. Brooke did for the AADMD 2021 online conference. She discussed Assisted Oral Hygiene, Guided Oral Hygiene, the YSS Oral Hygiene Ability Spectrum and then goes through some cool oral hygiene tools that have helped us and our patients. 

Videos About Our HRSA Grant


Overview of HRSA subgrant year 1 &2

Produced 2020: This video starts with a summary of our program and what the grant enabled us to do in years 1 and 2. It also discusses teledentistry, SDF, and things we learned and developed. During our time with this grant we were also able to bring two experts into town to help the dental community learn.  They very generously allowed us to record and share on our Youtube channel. Forgive the poor video quality of the courses from Dr. Peter Milgrom and Dr. Paul Glassman I was a beginner. These can be found on our Youtube Channel. 


Overview of HRSA subgrant year 1-4

This is a video overview of our first HRSA grant, what we accomplished, what we learned, and where we spent the money. It is a 30 minute presentation of our program starting 2019 and ending 2022. 


Overview of HRSA subgrant "Year 5"

This is a video overview of our second HRSA grant. Technically this was for June, July and August of 2023 and it is considered year 1 of this grant. We have labeled it year 5 because we believe these two grants are working in sequence for the same goal. 

Silver Diamine Fluoride Videos


Generic Caregiver Training SDF

Produced 2020: This is one of the the training videos we use for the caregivers to train them in utilizing SDF. It starts with what is SDF, then talks about the basic science, and moves into staining and our kit. It shows the two products available at the time of production of this video then goes over protocol and ends with a COVID-19 safe demo. Note this was produced during lockdown. 

Caregiver Training Video for SDF

Produced 2020:  This video is more specific to our program but very similar to the Basic Overview MAKE SURE THIS IS LEGAL IN YOUR STATE BEFORE IMPLEMENTING ANYTHING SIMILAR. This is a video providing a brief overview  of SDF for partnering caregivers. We require all caregivers who apply SDF to watch this video, take a written exam, take an in person competency and only apply under synchronous teledental supervision.

Advice from Patients and Caregivers


Advice for Successful Visit

Produced 2022: Patients and caregivers give advice on how to have a successful dental visit. 


Advice for Home Hygiene

Produced 2022: Patients and Caregivers give advice on homecare.  


From the Patient's Perspective

Produced 2022: Two dental patients share their stories. Mr. Murray is our patient, while Ms. Degree we met through a mutual friend. 


More Advice for Successful Dental Visit

Produced 2022: This video has some repeats from the above videos but also some new patients with new advice. It was produce to use with the ADA Panel discussion Amplifying Voices. 


More Advice for Successful Dental Visit 2

Produced 2022: This video has some repeats from the above videos but also some new patients with new advice. It was produce to use with in one of Dr. Brooke's courses

Special Care Short Clips and Tips


Savanna Discusses Aspiration

Produced 2020: Some patients are at higher risk for aspiration. When brushing someone else's teeth this is important to be able to assess and minimize the risk of aspiration. Here are some tips from Savanna on how she did this. 


Mariana Discusses Projectiles

Produced 2020: Mariana's knowledge on projectiles helped us develop our safety protocols for the transport of instruments. We are so thankful all she did while she was with our practice.  

Alicia's Mask Fitting Demo

Produced 2021: During the pandemic we learned a lot about masks and airflow. Alicia showed us a trick to minimize airflow through the sides of the masks. We are so thankful for her work she did with us utilizing teledent. She is now an RDH.

McKenna: Debris & Comfort

Produced 2023:  McKenna teaches us a rinse can make a big difference. Make sure they can drink water or swish and spit.  If they can't, then a wipe with a wet 2x2 or mouth swab can help as well.

Ivy's highlights pH, diet and dry mouth


Produced 2022: Ivy talks with caregivers at Creekside care. These are some highlights of her presentation. She provided a great course!


Videos of FHS Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic

Building the Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic

Produced 2023: See the renovation, the team, and the process for this unique and fun clinic.  This is not our clinic, but we love it and our dentist works there. 

A Sneak Peak into the FHS Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic

Produced 2022: Dr. Brooke takes you for a peak into the Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic. See special care oral health store products,  the toothbrush petting zoo, the toothpaste tasting station, a "weigh your options" decisions scale and more. 

The FHS Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic

Produced 2023:  Dr. Brooke's other clinic, or what she calls her "real job". We are so happy this clinic exists. We hope to help spread this concept to health centers across the nation.