Standing Up For Our Patient's Health

 Our advocacy efforts focus on safely increasing access to care for our patients. 


  • HR 2417- Heads Up Act: This would designate people who have special needs as a medically underserved population.  What this would do is help increase access to care for this population. Currently Dr. Brooke does NOT qualify for the National Health Service Corps because this population is not designated and our practice focuses on this population. Dr. Brooke loses $10,000 per year in loan repayment because she chooses to focus on this population. This act would change that and enable providers like Dr. Brooke to qualify for loan repayment in programs like the National Health Service Corps.  Click HERE to read this Act.


  • Teledentistry Virtual Care Access Act  (SB1126). This updates terminology to include other telecommunications. Clarifies that we can establish relationships using teledentistry, but also upholds the community standard of care. It also helps clarify jurisdiction of teledental services rendered for Idahoans. Another great thing it does is establish a telehealth advisory board to help increase the utilization of teledentistry. 

  • Teledentistry Bill ( SB1295.): This passed in both the house and the senate, however was vetoed.  This bill would have put more transparency on teledentistry in our state. We supported this bill.

  • Dental therapy: Rules were written last year in regard to dental therapy. We tried to ensure that medical history review would be done by a dentist before any invasive treatment rendered.  This was not specifically added to the rules. Though this probably occurs in all practices, we advise you, if you or your loved one has a complex medical history, to ensure that a dentist has reviewed  your medical history before accepting dental treatment plans. 

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We have been less active with Advocacy since COVID-19. Ensuring that we safely deliver care during this unprecedented time has taken priority.  We will be back to this, but for now, we have spent our time elsewhere. 

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