American Dental Association Produces Course for Caregivers, Dentists, and Educators to Help Expand Access to Care For Patients Who Have Special Healthcare Needs


The American Dental Association's Council on Advocacy Access and Prevention produced a courses that will help expand access to care.

I was so excited when we were able to produce these courses in partnership with the ADA Council on Advocacy, Access and Prevention. One focused on caregivers, one on dental professionals and one on dental educators. These discussions are just the beginning. We are seeing more of a movement towards having demand for these courses. Shortly after these were produced we also produced a course in the Amplifying Voices Series. The future is bright for Special Care Dentistry. If you want to check out these courses follow these links:

For Caregivers:

For Dental Offices:

For Educators:

Amplifying Voices:

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Dr. Brooke Fukuoka