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Professional photo Dr. Brooke with hair down, red shirt and black suit. Louisville Lapel Pin

Dr. Brooke is the owner, founder and dentist in our practice.  She loves working with people who have disabilities and geriatric patients. She values her team and loves spreading our message and teaching how to care for, and truly enjoy, this population.


She also works full time with Family Health Services  where she runs the Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic (a dental clinic for patients who have disabilities). She is a popular speaker in the topics of Minimally Invasive Dentistry, Teledentistry, and Special Care Dentistry. (See "Book Dr. Brooke" for Speaker Packet and more info) 


She is active in organized dentistry at the state, regional, and national level. She serves as an ADA Delegate for District 11 (Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Montana) and is on the board for the Special Care Dentistry Association.   She is a clinical director for Special Olympics Special Smiles Idaho. 

When not practicing dentistry or advocating for our patients, Dr. Brooke enjoys fishing, golfing, playing board games, and snowmobiling with her family. She and her husband, Hiroshi, live in Jerome, Idaho, with their four turtles, Pokey, Vanette (who you can see featured in some of her SDF courses) Rhody, and Steven.

Dr. Brooke wearing a mask and formal dress holding Denobi Award in front of print background

Jingjing Qian RDH, EA


 Jingjing Qian is our Registered Dental Hygienist with Extended Access. She has worked with Your Special Smiles, PLLC since 2019. Jingjing graduated from CSI with an Associate of Arts degree and an Associate of Science degree in Dental Hygiene in May 2019. She is a self-motivated, dedicated and hardworking dental hygienist. Education and motivating patients to achieve optimal oral health are her passions.

Jingjing has also worked part time for the South Central Public Health District since 2019. She travels to elementary schools, Heads Start Pre-schools and Varnish Clinics around Southern Idaho, doing oral screenings, sealant application, and fluoride varnish applications for those underserved population.  She is a clinical instructor for the College of Southern Idaho Hygiene program and serves on the board for the Idaho Dental Hygiene Association.  She is also a part time hygienist for the Family Health Services Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic. 

Outside of work, Jingjing enjoys swimming, kayaking, skiing and hiking with her husband, two kids and their dog Coco.

Click Logo for Jingjing's CV

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Holly Jones RDH, EA

Professional photo of Holly with light background, hair down,smiling, black suit and stylish necklace

I began my career in dentistry as a dental assistant where I discovered a love helping transform patient’s oral health. This inspired me to pursue a career in dental hygiene. After earning my hygiene degree from the College of Southern Idaho, I began working full time for a Federally Qualified Health Center, Family Health Services Idaho.  They provide me opportunities to treat a wide variety of patients consisting of but not limited to, refugee patients, patients who have disabilities, geriatric patients, children, first-time adult dental patients, and of course, my co-workers. After five years with the health center, I took an additional position part-time with Your Special Smiles PLLC. With this practice I have been exploring teledentistry, portable dentistry, and extended access care while treating medically complex and behaviorally complex patients. I enjoy developing lasting relationships with diverse people and I look forward to sharing my experiences with others.

Outside of work,  I enjoy spending time with my daughter, fur babies, and family friends. Skiing and crafting are also some of my favorite pass times. 

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 Tari Devaney RDH-EA, BSDH, MSDH


Tari graduated from the Idaho State University dental hygiene program and
pursued her master’s in dental hygiene from Eastern Washington University. Over
the years, she has practiced for a variety of settings, cosmetic, family, community
health and periodontics.  Along with working with us part-time. She currently teaches Clinical Dental Hygiene at the College of Southern Idaho, works part-time as the Dental Coordinator of the Wellness Tree and serves as IDHA President.

 Carolina Lopez, CNA : Lead Oral Hygiene Caregiver Creekside Care


Carolina joined our team as our very first Caregiver partner. She was joined by two other colleagues from Creekside. We are excited to have her officially as part of our team hired as an employee on our actual team September 2022. She helped us develop the program and learned along side us as we implemented new technology and workflows.  We are very grateful for Carolina and what she has brought to our team as a partner and what she will continue to bring to our team as a part-time employee (while still working with Creekside of course). 

Carolina is also employed full time with Creekside Care where she provides compassionate care and improves the lives of their residents. 

Maria Santana, CNA: Lead Oral Hygiene Caregiver Desano Place


Maria joined our team as we brought assisted oral hygiene to DeSano Place. She helped us expand our program. She learned much of what we do virtually during the pandemic. We were so impressed with her ability to adapt and learn in such a difficult time. As she continued to work with us she expanded her skills tremendously. She now can provide daily oral hygiene so very efficiently.  We are very grateful for Maria and what she has brought to our team as a partner. We are happy to have her officially join our team as a part-time employee  (of course she will also stay with DeSano).

Maria is also employed full time at DeSano where she provides compassionate care and improves the quality of lives for their residents. 

Mariana Plascencia, DA


I graduated from the College of Southern Idaho Dental Assisting Program in 2018. I am married and have zero human children but have a beautiful little chihuahua named Bia. I love a good CrossFit workout, dancing, and anything crafty. I love the dental field and enjoy learning, and educating people so they can have better oral health. My mantra is "What you put out towards the world will multiply and bounce back to you s o give out love, beauty, and positivity." 

Mariana also is the lead assistant at the Family Health Services Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic (with Dr. Brooke) where she is helping build an innovative program catered to people who have special healthcare needs and geriatric patients who have mobility issues.  She runs the Focused Oral Hygiene Instructions and Imaging Program with the Advanced Delivery Dental Clinic which has shown success in improving oral health by improving home hygiene. 

Vee Ruiz- Logistics and Happiness Coordinator

Vee smiling wearing BSU sweater

Hi, my name is Violeta, but I go by Vee. I'm originally from Mexico City. I moved to Idaho 24 years ago. I 'm married to my best friend and love of my life. We have two beautiful daughters. My oldest Aisha is 15 and my baby Shareeh is 12. (As of 2021) I LOVE working with Dr. Brooke. I love her passion for dentistry and I'm here to help you schedule your  screenings  and understand our services. 

Vee helps us coordinate with patients and their families. She also helps us do nice things and bring happiness to our patients. Vee also works full time with Family Health Services in their call center.  

 McKenna Ficklin- AOH/GOH Assistant


McKenna is a dental hygiene student in her last year at CSI. She is excited about everything she is learning an loves helping others learn about oral hygiene. She likes baking, anything outdoors, reading and spending time with her family and dog Cooper. 

We are excited to begin working with McKenna and we are excited for all that she will bring to our program. 

 Vicky Barrera, DDS - Ciruhano dentista

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Dr. Vicky was a dentist in Mexico before she moved to the United States to be with her family. As she works on learning English and obtaining her credentials to practice in the United States she will be working with us as a dental assistant. Dr. Vicky has a unique set of skills and is passionate about dentistry. Our patients enjoy her kindness. 


"My name is Vicky Barrera. I graduated from Dental School in 2015 in Mexico (Cirujano Dentista). I worked for 3 years in Morelia Mexico. I am starting to work toward my degree in the United States. I enjoy the dental field and helping people improve oral health. I also enjoy expanding my knowledge."

Dr. Vicky has temporarily relocated, we look forward to consulting with her, following her life on social media and we look forward to her potential return. 

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