Treating Patients in their Familiar Environment and Helping Those Who Have Limited Mobility Receive Care

Services we offer:

  • Comprehensive Exams

    • Generally done in person, but may be a combination of in person and teledentistry​

  • Limited Emergency Exams​

    • Generally done with  teledentistry​

  • Periodic Exams:

    • In person and through teledentistry

      • This determination is made by the dentist. ​

  • X-rays​

    • Generally will be taken by the hygienist and read by the dentist offsite but also may be taken by the dentist. 

  • Professional Cleanings ​

    • These are generally done by our hygienists​, however may be done by the dentist if hygienist is unavailable. 

  • Fluoride Varnish: ​

    • This is a sticky substance that contains fluoride and  helps strengthen the teeth. It helps prevent cavities. ​

  • Chemical Cavities Control : ​

    • Sometimes we can manage oral disease with topical chemicals. The most commonly used chemical for this is called Silver Diamine Fluoride. This does well to control the cavity, but leaves a black stain where the cavity is on the tooth. 

  • Fillings​

    • We do composite (white), amalgam (silver), and glass ionomer (white) materials.​

  • Extractions: ​

    • We are very limited on what we offer with extractions, we often have patients see the oral surgeon or come into a more traditional clinic for extractions.​

  • Denture Adjustments/repair:​

    • We do minor adjustments and minor repair

  • We are working on developing a regular oral hygiene program that will help residents regularly on brushing and flossing. This is currently being piloted with a few volunteer patients. We look forward to having this be a service in the future. ​

We do NOT offer the Following Services: 

  • We do not make dentures or partial dentures

  • We do not offer crowns, veneers, bridges, or implants

  • We do not offer whitening

We are currently at capacity and are not longer contracting with new facilities.  


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Holly cleans a teeth in a colorful garage converted into a dental office as student assists