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The Wonderful World of Special Care

  • Brief Summary : The Wonderful World of Special Care is an interactive course that puts the learner in the shoes of many of our patients. This course contains simulations that leave the learners with a newly formed empathy for our patient's struggles in the dental office.  Step out of your world and into ours as we review over how different disAbilities alter the dental office experience. IN PERSON COURSE ONLY.

  • Learning Objectives:

    • Objective 1: The learner will have a better understanding of what it feels like to be visually impaired in the dental office through simulation.

    • Objective 2: The learner will practice non-verbal communication.

    • Objective 3: The learner will witness the difference that visual aids make when communicating with someone who has difficulty hearing.

    • Objective 4: The learner will learn how to alter the environment to influence behavior

  • Running Time: Best if 2 hours, can be done in 1 or 1.5 hour(s).

SDF/SMART Restorations- Choose Your Own Adventure 

  • Brief Summary: Silver Diamine Fluoride and SMART restorations have been growing in interest in dentistry. Many courses exist where these topics are discussed. What is it YOU want to talk about?  We will have topics on the slide, and the learners will pick which ones we talk about. We will keep choosing topics until the time runs out. Learning Objectives will vary based on what learners pick.

  • Learning Objectives:  learning objectives will vary based on topics chosen by learners

    • Objective 1: Understand the basic science behind SDF and Glass Ionomer

    • Objective 2: Be aware of various protocols, with SDF and Glass Ionomer

    • Objective 3: Understand the principles of partial caries removal

    • Objective 4: Be exposed to indications and contraindications for SDF/SMART

    • Objective 5: Understand the history of SDF

    • Objective 6: See Case Examples of SDF in adult populations

    •  (more can be provided if needed)

  • Running Time: This can be adjusted for anything from 25minutes to 4 hours.

Preventative Strategies in High-Risk Populations

  • Brief Summary: All patients are different in their needs and compliance. In this course we go over various preventive regiments, products and ideas and how we try to implement them in high-risk populations.  

  • Learning Objectives:  

    • Objective 1: Examine various fluorides and when we use each

    • Objective 2:  Learn the basics of SDF and its use in root caries

    • Objective 3: Learn how Iodine can be used as an antimicrobial agent

    • Objective 4: Learn about snack substitutes that promote oral health

  • Running Time: This course runs one hour.

 ​We Can Treat You Here or There, We Can Treat You Anywhere! Utilizing Teledentistry and Portable Equipment to Expand Access to Care


  • Brief Summary : This course is designed those who are interested in learning about portable dentistry and teledentistry.  We will discuss the benefits and challenges of both a portable dentistry and teledentistry.  We will review the basic equipment needs and precautions that are easily overlooked. We will discuss agreements with facilities and what we recommend having in those agreements.  When time and technology permit we will conclude allowing one of the learners to utilize our intraoral camera on the big screen as a live teledental example.

  • Learning Objectives:     

    • Objective 1: The learner will understand the difference between synchronous and asynchronous teledental services.

    • Objective 2: The learner will be able to minimize transportation hazards through proper agreements and equipment storage

    • Objective 3: The learner will understand the difference between mobile and portable dentistry

    • Objective 4: The learner will be exposed to different workflow options with teledentistry.

  • Running Time: This course can be modified to run anywhere between 1 and 2 hours.

 ​"Assisted Oral Hygiene, Guided Oral Hygiene, and The Your Special Smiles Oral Hygiene Ability Spectrum. A New Solution for Daily Oral Hygiene in Long-Term Care

  • Brief Summary: We have found that there are two main challenges for caregivers providing daily oral hygiene in long-term care facilities: 1) Finding time to do it, and 2) knowing how to do it. When it comes to knowing how to do it, the solution is easy. We can educate the caregivers. However, caregiver turnover in long-term care is often high and it can leave us feeling like we are educating a revolving door. In some facilities it is hard to keep up with educating the caregivers.  When it comes to the caregiver finding time to perform oral hygiene, it is only one of the many important tasks caregivers have to perform daily. Even for the trained caregiver, it is hard to find time to adequately perform oral hygiene during their shift. For this reason, we developed an Assisted Oral Hygiene program, a Guided Oral Hygiene program, and a documentation system called the Your Special Smiles Oral Hygiene Ability Spectrum.  This course will discuss Assisted Oral Hygiene, Guided Oral Hygiene and this new documentation system.

  • Learning Objectives

    • Objective 1: The learner will be able to categorize patients based on their ability to perform oral hygiene tasks and their willingness to cooperate utilizing the Your Special Smiles Oral Hygiene Ability Spectrum

    • Objective 2: The learner will understand the difference between Assisted Oral Hygiene and Guided Oral Hygiene and when to use each program to maximize efficiency.

    • Objective 3: The learner will be exposed to daily oral kits and how we assembled these kits.

    • Objective 4: The learner will learn which of these services have CDT codes associated with them and which do not.

  • Run Time: this is a one hour course

From Teeth to Toenails: The Importance of Interdisciplinary Collaboration During OR Dental Cases

  • Brief Summary: Dr. Brooke has works with multiple different providers to provide not only dental care, but a more comprehensive services while patients are under general anesthesia. During this course Dr. Brooke will discuss how she built her hospital program, the challenges she continues to face, and will open up discussion amongst learns to share tips and tricks for facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration in the hospital setting.

  • Learning Objectives: 

    • Objective 1: The learner will gain insight of how to meet and collaborate with providers of other disciplines.

    • Objective 2: The learner will gain insight of what procedures can commonly be combined with dental cases and how to incorporate more challenging procedures.

    • Objective 3: The learner will gain understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the members of the hospital team.

    • Objective 4:  The learner will have opportunity to share their experiences and participate in the conversation about facilitating interdisciplinary care and which procedures they have had success integrating into their cases.

  • Run Time:  This course is one hour. ​

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